Whenever I think about it, I can still hear the sound of the ocean in front of our place. It's something you never forget.

My brother Erick and I, Ian, were born on the island of Mauritius and grew up with an easy acceptance of how unbelievably lucky we were to experience the joy and freedom to be kids...Sun, Surf, Ocean, Beach, Girls, it was all really about this incredible open embrace of being free!

Capturing this expansive feeling is what we love doing and Photography, with it's sense of visually orchestrated space, enabled us to play our part in this storytelling journey.

It's in this environment we find that people somehow radiate. The filtered light against the skin of Girls, the exuberance of guys...the early mornings and the late afternoons!

We put a be of work into creating each image, using natural light, flashes and in finding people with great talent and enthusiasm - all working together for the single purpose of capturing something extremely special.

We love photography and try to push the envelop. Some people think we are crazy, and maybe we are.

Crazy enough to care, and thereby create a memorably and impossible shot.



I've always wanted to be a painter. The search for my images starts from inside of me which hopefully gives them meaning. I prefer to construct my images rather than to seize them. I start with a blank canvas where light is allowed to tell the story through contrast and shadow. I'm fascinated by light, It comes from my love of nature and sometimes hanging on the wall of a mountain watching the lights on the horizon. The fact is that being a photographer gives me a way to reconcile my passions for creativity, energy, adventure and storytelling.